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We had our AC unit go out on the hottest day of the year. Justin immediately responded when I text him about the issue and was at my house first thing in the morning the next day. Highly recommend Menlove HVAC to anyone.

Charles Smart

Very professional and personable. I use Menlove for my appliances and heating and air conditioning system. I feel they have reasonable pricing and qualified technicians. I recommend them to others whenever the occasion presents.

Sandy Glaze

Justin was professional and fixed our issue quickly. Highly Recommend!

Mark Welch

Need A New AC In Or Near Bountiful? Call Us For Your AC Installation Or Replacement.

If you need a new AC installed or your old AC replaced with a new one, give us a call. At Menlove HVAC, we’ll get it done fast and at an affordable price. We do AC installation in Bountiful and the surrounding areas.

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About AC Installation And Replacement

Cost To Install A New AC

Depending on your situation, the price can vary. If you are replacing an existing AC with a new one and don’t require duct work, wiring, etc., the price typically runs between $2,500 and $5,500.

If you need an entire system including ducts, wiring, a thermostat, etc., the cost goes up.

Costs will vary depending on the size of the air conditioning unit, brand of air conditioner, efficiency of the air conditioner, type of air conditioner, number of vents, placement (attic, utility room, crawl space), and so forth.

To get find out how much your unique situation will cost, call us for a free estimate.

Why Is AC Installation Expensive?

AC installation or replacement may seem expensive to some.

When you consider the cost of the air conditioner itself, the specialized training required to safely install it, the time labor costs to pay a specialized technician to ensure it’s done right, and the comfort a high quality air conditioner installation offers during the hot summer season, it makes sense that there would be some potentially significant costs.

AC Installation With Financing

At Menlove HVAC, we understand the value an efficient air conditioner provides for a homeowner and the burden an unexpected expense like an AC replacement can put on a homeowner. That’s why we do our very best to make it affordable without compromising quality. Financing is available if you need it.

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