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Brandon was professional, prompt, communicative and provided me with excellent emergency services for my heating system.

David Amirault

Justin was professional and fixed our issue quickly. Highly Recommend!

Mark Welch

Very professional and personable. I use Menlove for my appliances and heating and air conditioning system. I feel they have reasonable pricing and qualified technicians. I recommend them to others whenever the occasion presents.

Sandy Glaze

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If you need your air conditioner repaired, give us a call. At Menlove HVAC, we’ll get it done fast and at an affordable price. We repair air conditioners in Bountiful and the surrounding areas.

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Common Issues That Tell You It Might Be Time For An AC Repair

Many issues your air conditioner may be having could be resolved with a simple fix. Some things we may even be able to help you troubleshoot over the phone. If not, we would love to come repair it for you quickly and at a fair price. Here are some of the common symptoms an AC unit or system may be having that we can resolve for you by repairing your AC:

  • AC Is Not Blowing Cold Air Or Cooling
  • AC Is Not Turning On Or Blowing Air At All
  • AC Is Not Blowing Hard
  • AC Is Not Responding To Thermostat
  • AC Is Freezing Up
  • AC Is Making A Buzzing Sound
  • AC Is Making A Humming Noise
  • AC Is Making A Clicking, Knocking, Or Grinding Noise
  • AC Won’t Turn Off
  • AC Keeps Tripping Breaker
  • AC Keeps Filling Up With Water

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